A good editing topic for April Fool’s Day

As I awoke to tweets about April Fool’s Day on Friday, I realized I was doing the perfect April Fool’s Day thing that afternoon — talking to a group of copy editors at the American Copy Editors Society conference about how to verify information on social media and how not to get fooled by fakes.

A friend had posted a link to the Doobie Brothers song “What a Fool Believes,” but I immediately thought of The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” So I made up a 34-second iMovie for the start of my session that featured the great opening riffs of that song behind a series of famous and not-so-famous fake social media posts and news.

Then I decided to share it a bit wider (even though I took the sound away so as not to run afoul of copyright laws. So you have to hum the beginning of the song.)

Here’s the rundown: The Tebow and Trump tweets are fake celebrity accounts that many have believed. Don’t be fooled by fake accounts.

The storm tweets feature photos not really from those storms — one is a real photo taken much earlier, the other is clip from a film that is put out as an actual event.

The tweet from me isn’t really me — I faked it on a tweet simulator. Wrong spelling of my Twitter name and I’m a big supporter of semicolons.

My favorite is the Anderson Cooper post about Clickhole. He was fooled. Clickhole is a fake news site.

So when working with news an social media. Don’t get fooled. You can check out my full presentation, with tips and tools, here. Of course, you’ll miss my witty banter.Slide01




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