Going where the audience is

This year the staff at the University Daily Kansan/Kansan.com stepped up efforts on SnapChat as a way to present news where the audience is.

Of course, that meant some of the expected SnapChat things, like Snaps from Allen Fieldhouse during the games. But the social media staff also used SnapChat a lot to tell stories.

Of course, being ephemeral, there’s not much proof of what they did. So, through the magic of Quicktime, here’s some examples. Social did a weekly “News Check” story this spring.

The Arts and Culture staff often supplemented print and digital stories with Snap stories — like the one below that went with this story on a KU artist.

They also did “student on the street” reporting and what to do this weekend stories on Thursday afternoon.

We’re always open to new ways to use the apps that our audience is using. So if you have any ideas for news on SnapChat and other apps, let me know.