What do 600-plus copy editors do at a conference?

Well, a lot, really.

Like attending nearly 60 sessions on various kinds of editing this Thursday through Sunday. Talking about word usage and language sensitivity with fellow editing travelers (sometimes over drinks in the conference hotel bar).

And then there’s raising money for scholarships to help deserving copy editing students. I’m all aglow over the fact that two of those scholarship winners this year are my students — Valerie Hellinghausen and Sarah Fine. Sarah’s joining the crowd in Portland, Oregon, this week for a lot of learning and networking.

During the 20th American Copy Editors Society conference at the Hilton Portland, we’ll all get to hear from linguists (including top dictionary editors), AP and Chicago stylebook editors, top copy editors at newspapers, magazines and websites, award-winning freelancers and corporate, government and nonprofit editors. Topic include verification, sports editing, social media analytics, working with self-publishing authors, building a freelance business, solutions journalism, headline writing, inclusive language and writing a stylebook — and that’s just a few.

I’ll be presenting a session on verification on nontraditional sources and will be on a panel about making the move to college teaching.

We’re a bit booked now, but if you have a love of words and editing, I’d consider joining in the fun during the spring of 2017 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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