Why learn HTML ?

I teach a class call digital media tools and as part of that I go over basic coding.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not professional coder. I suspect that given a lot of time, I could coding a really cool website. But it would take a long time and there would be a whole lot of bad looks along the way.

But knowing coding isn’t just about being able to build your own website (when you can find easy to follow off the shelve website builders online). If you work in a job that uses any type of content management system, understanding coding will help you find the bugs on the website.

It’s the visual part of a copy editing job — let’s not just fix the misspellings and bad grammar, let’s fix the bad image breaks and lines of text that are too big or too small or too bold..

There are places you can start online. If you are a self-learner, try the W3 School. or Codeacademy.

What I really want to say is get out there and try. It’s a good project for the new year.

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